How to Paint a room in various colors

The last thing to decorate rooms are now the vinyl , wallpaper , smooth and rooms painted in different colors.

Thanks to the wide variety of colors to choose from and we have the combination of them can achieve many different environments depending on which room you want to paint. Also thanks to their combinations and tones can find relaxing, warm, metallic, modern, contemporary and much more. All you need is to know how to combine those colors. If you already have light colors you will use to paint the room, all you need to know is the rule of 60% – 30% – 10% in the distribution of color .

Let’s see some examples of rooms painted in different colors and combinations that you can inspire and choose colors to paint your own.

If you like bright colors and cheerful, you can put on the wall the headboard bright orange, and to contrast, in the other walls a soft cream, this way you get a room with lots of color but with a touch of relaxing and warm, because we must not forget that a bedroom is for sleeping and we have to choose colors that invite us to bring us relaxation and tranquility, as this bedroom.

If instead of choosing a light color to contrast with the orange would choose a strong color, the warmth of the bedroom had been lost. This bedroom is a perfect example of how to use two colors to paint a living room yet warm and reassuring.

If you like dark colors like burgundy, you can create beautiful environments. As this room.

They have painted all the walls in maroon or dark red, but thanks to the great ceiling painted white and the shortage of meters of walls you get a modern setting. If I had more room and all walls were painted the same color, would be a very ornate room of red.

You can also use different colors to create beautiful decorations, instead of painting one wall and one other, can be combined on the same wall as the two colors of stripes, for example as in the bedroom.

A purple wall has been added a couple of white lines and white wall a couple of purple lines and the result could not be better. Also we have combined two colors but in different ways.

We hope these ideas have inspired you in next post we will see ways to paint our room with several colors.

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