How to Paint a children’s room

Let’s look through pictures and explanations, various forms and ideas to paint a child’s room in our home.

Obviously there are many forms and likes to paint a room for children, but the good thing we have is that unlike other rooms, they “must” follow a pattern and so we make the task easier. Some of the most important are:

Be happy, that stimulates the imagination of children, which combine multiple colors, etc. that is comfortable.

We can paint a child’s room decorated with a multitude of colors and combinations regardless of whether boy or girl, we need not follow the cliche of pink for girls, blue for boys, such as the bedroom concept.

Sometimes for reasons of space, the child and the child must share the same room for a while, that is why we can not opt? for a paint color or another, so it is best to paint with colors that are not assigned any kind. As you see in the picture a wall is white and the other an orange cream, which adds color and contrast to add more color and have been used for textiles such as drawers and bed spreads and carpet. This is an ideal room to live together a boy and a girl but have to.

Another great idea and that is very fashionable to paint children’s rooms with murals of their favorite drawings. Even though they have to share a room boy and girl, sure there’s a drawing that they both like and decorate the room and to your liking, such as the bedroom.

But if you’re looking for something more traditional and you decide to choose pink for girls and blue for boy, thanks to the great variety of tones of both colors can create a multitude of environments.

If you want a warm and relaxing choose shades of pink and soft blue and combine them with white, as the bedrooms.

But if you look more attractive and vital, but want to remain on the line of blue / baby pink / girl can choose different shades of pink or blue one will get stronger and more alive and energetic environment how are you rooms.

But luckily as a children’s room is recommended to use bright colors and cheerful combination of them, we can create many combinations that fall outside of “normal”.

As you can see we are lucky when it comes to choosing the color for a nursery because we can choose between many of them would be unthinkable for other rooms.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that children grow up and do not want to paint too often have to choose colors that suit their ages.

We hope that these photos and tips have helped you choose how to paint a child’s room.

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