How to make a hanging bed

The summer is one of the seasons we like. Enjoy outdoor play with children in the garden , dip in the pool or just sit and read under the sun. Undoubtedly there are many elements that we can add to the decor of our home so we can perform these activities more enjoyable. We have seen, for example, lounge chairs and hammocks that are great for adding to the furniture, but do you ever think a hanging bed?

Hanging beds are fantastic because they allow us to feel relax while airborne, causing a unique feeling.

Although the market may be in bed ready to be installed hanging from, in here we show you that making a hanging bed is not as difficult as it seems.

First, you must measure the mattress placed on the bed and from there take the steps to the wooden board. It should leave a few extra inches on each side. Then, ask in a timber that will prepare the table. You choose the wood you like – lighter or darker – as the decoration you want to accomplish. Note that the table should be thick and firm. It also requests that you make four holes, one in each corner of the table.

You also need a rope a few meters from super tough. A good option is to go to a board shop and buy the type of ropes used in ships, as they are very resistant and are prepared to withstand the wear.

The last thing you need to make this bed are 4 hooks for hanging the ceiling. If the ceiling material is chosen environment, the installation will be much more complex because it must break the concrete to insert the hooks. It is best to choose a room with wooden ceiling, in order to get deeper and screw hooks directly to the ceiling.

Make knots in the ends of 4 strings, unraveling the remaining rope to form a queue as you see in the image.

The installation of this bed will require several arms hanging hard, but it is not impossible.

The best thing is hanging beds you can put them in the middle of the room, thus to become the undisputed queen of the environment. Decorate with colorful blankets and cushions to make it great. Enjoy!

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