How to have a warm and cozy home decor

Our house is the place to ourselves, is our personal space. Our privacy and our lives are in our home, and there is no better feeling than a warm and welcoming home.

We give some basic keys decor concept to your home as warm as possible for you to enjoy the most, both you and your guests.

Paint your house in warm colors with green paint

Warm colors can be, cream, off white, pale pink, pale brown and all of the color wheel.

And if in addition to providing these warm colors give us better health. There are paintings that clean the environment, making harmless neutralizing harmful substances and odors, apart from that also are environmentally friendly and allergy, are paintings that are made from natural products.

Arrange the furniture in harmony

It is no use having a house painted with warm colors if you have all messy and unbalanced, the furniture and all accessories such as lamps, pictures a table, need to be sorted.

The key is to not put too much furniture, only those who are going to use, making room for empty seats.

With the furniture ordered and well-distributed without burdening the environment, give a greater sense of comfort.

We will not say exactly what position you have to place the sofa or table, because everyone has the house in a way, but you can watch yourself and see if something is messed up or is there something left over in the decoration.

Put a wooden floor

The pallet or timber are essential to creating warm and there is nothing better for that than to have installed a wood floor. It may well be parquet, or platform, the thing is made of wood. The feeling of warmth increased dramatically.

Well insulated walls

There is little point having a well-ordered house, with warm colors and wooden floor in winter because if that well-insulated walls are not cold and dead dead heat in summer. Also used to avoid noise pollution inside the home and provide greater comfort. There are several ways to insulate the walls, panels may well be that in addition to leveling isolating insulating walls or chemicals.

Put wood windows

As mentioned before the wood adds warmth to the home, and some aluminum windows give a sense of cold, but windows with wooden frames are ideal if you get a warm atmosphere in your home, make it perfectly well with the soil or parquet flooring.

Glows warmly

With the lighting must be careful, a large amount of light can be annoying and not enough can give the sensation of cold, emptiness and sadness. The best thing to light up are light saving, avoid them white, will feel cold.

Place a plant inside

The plants provide natural, purified and give freshness to the home, a plant placed in a good place like in a corner is a perfect complement.

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