How to decorate a master bedroom

Now did you choose the right furniture? what is needed is to give a final touch that makes this part of the house, the real space of the two. Here’s how to decorate a bedroom partner in a blink of an eye, for quiet nights and unforgettable.

Where to start – Decorate fourth marriage should be a project for tw, nothing more appropriate, no? Start by trying to discover the type of room you want: minimalist, romantic, contemporary or classic? Find the answer to each question by visiting various furniture and decoration stores or even specialty fairs. These facilities have various proposals, the main objective, to see live and up close, several bedroom model, in a huge color palette and all decorative accessories. Do not forget you are projecting your personal oasis, so do everything with cries and always considered an option, not to mention magazines, books and websites dedicated to the art of decorating.

Essentials – Deciding the furniture, because besides the bed is to contemplate for the storage of furniture, the dresser, wardrobes and bedside tables. Everything depends on the dimensions of the room and space optimization to accomplish. That is, a narrow room may not have a comfortable space for large-scale, but they fit perfectly two tall narrow boxes. At this point it is necessary to take many steps, making drawings on paper and to do simulations in the same room. Finally, invest in a good mattress, the quality of your rest will depend on it.

Colours for the Soul – What comes next is the choice of colors (no more than three) and combine perfectly with the furniture, going to paint your room – literally walls – and even those details that will take small colorful touches. Ideally, choose a neutral palette, easy combination with other colors in case for some time want to give a breath of fresh air into your room. Some suggestions include: white for a classic touch, the silver look for a futuristic, clean white, minimalist environment, the fourth black to elegant and sophisticated, the blue to give the feeling of freshness, or can be played by a warm color like red and orange. Here the rainbow is the limit!

The textures – are equally important and will wrap around the space, beginning with the decoration of the windows for maximum privacy. They also have to decide whether or not to cover the ground. They can choose two rugs on each side of the bed, add a third at the foot or opt for one large rug on the seat to be bed. There’s nothing like lying on a bed with freshly laundered sheets, soft and fragrant, therefore, pay special attention to the bedding. Besides the usual cotton or flannel games, invest in silk sheets especially romantic nights. A good comforter is essential and is reversible if the bed can dress according to your mood. Complete the set with comfortable pillows and a soft blanket to the foot of the bed, thats better for decor idea.

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