Hammocks in the decoration

The hammocks are ideal complements to achieve serenity and lacks spontaneous style to your decor, hammocks now are not only produced in conventional fabrics but you can buy them in pieces of plain, thick or thin as you like to match existing elements in your home.

Hammocks in the decoration

This rustic space consists, for the most part, both wooden polished floor and columns and foundations that support the upper floor but it is undeniable that it is the role of modern design hammock made ??of black leather and thick fabric brown. Suspended in the air by ropes from the ceiling, this classic hammock is far from straight and square shapes that give the space a transformation eclecticism contributing to it.

hammocks for interior

A hammock of these dimensions designed to take a nap on business deserves comfortable cushions like these, suspended by steel silver chains, for a more avant-garde style, is placed in a spacious balcony as this dark parquet floors, polished and bars metal doors and black.

hammocks for outdoor decor

This style much cooler and conventional is ideal for a patio or garden, watch the endings of the hammock are complemented with a piece of wood on each side and is suspended by a cord fabric.

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