Greenhouses: nature and decoration concept

Place a greenhouse in the garden or somewhere within the home environment can be no doubt a great decorative option concept and at the same time, give us the possibility to have an essential dose of nature, so necessary in these times of cold environments and dominance technology.

A greenhouse is used to protect the growth process of seeds and growing weaker species. For its structure it is possible to use plastic, wood or aluminum. The three options are interesting, but also depends on the budget, the weather conditions in the area and the light requirements of plants.


In the case of wood is a natural material and easy to install, which of course in his role power decorative. According to specialists, the varieties best suited to greenhouses are teak, redwood and cedar. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of wood is its resistance to adverse weather and climates.

Even more resistant to aggressive weather is aluminum, but may not have so much potential as ornamental wood. It is also more expensive and reacts strongly to changes in temperature extremes. Another option is plastic prefabricated structures.

The clear panels are an alternative to consider, because they let in light and allow for better plant growth. Mostly it comes in glass or plastic structures. The decorative glass is also more expensive, while the plastic is a cheaper option, with varieties such as fiber panels reinforced plastic, PVC or polyethylene.

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