Gray color in decorating your rooms

When we think of the colors we want to apply to the environments, they usually choose light colors and lively, but rarely think of gray as possible. Perhaps because they have something cold and unattractive reputation.

One point in favor of the colored is its neutrality, that makes it work well in different environments like a living room, bedroom or even an office. Furthermore, it makes perfect world both the female and the male. If it is used properly, it is possible to achieve very elegant and sophisticated environments.

On the other hand, is considered a symbol of serenity, wisdom and purity. As for interior decoration, we note that this color can shine and seduce in all shades. For those who want to make new combinations, the gray looks great with silver tones, for example more clear (chrome) or darker (gray lead). Also with white and is ideal to combine with the wood.

Being in the center of the sphere is multicombinable color, so it goes with almost every color you want to combine. It should be noted that each type of combination will result in us a special and full of personality, which is why we should know its main combinations and results:

  • Grey with bright colors, combine colors like purple with gray, red or green, we provide an atmosphere full of life and well-dynamically.
  • Pastel gray: This combination will undoubtedly give a peaceful atmosphere, flirty yet romantic.
  • Gray with brown: this is a combination sober, natural and contemporary.
  • Grey with beige and cream: This combination will give us a warm, friendly and welcoming.
  • Grey with blue: as the result will be a subtle, elegant and refined.
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