Gold color in interior decoration

Of all the metals in the world, gold is the best symbolizes wealth and glamor. Its use since ancient times in the homes of the rich has transcended all time until today. The difference is that today the availability of using gold for anyone who wants a touch of glamor and sophistication in the interior decor idea is completely unique., Through various types of paint, metals, gold and imitation techniques with gold finish.

It can give life to a single room through golden tiles. You can mix shades of gold with copper or bronze tones. The interaction of the golden tones with neutral colors like black and white contrasts well and keeps the interior decor visually appealing. Must be used to accentuate minor details and surround the remaining space with soft colors and muted. This will help to prevent too much room.

Another way to brighten your home is through metal panels to cover walls and floors. Should be used sparingly when the surface is shiny. In larger spaces panels is best to use glossy or matte finish that will flash reflections, without being too flashy. Please note that due to the reflective nature of gold and metallic finishes, should be used in interiors have light. Whether natural or artificial light, make sure the light entering the space is adequate.

If you decide to use shades of antique gold instead of high gloss, leave for some key pieces like a mirror or a side table. You can find furniture, paintings and antique or vintage accessories markets, flea, which will become the attractions of your decor. The antique gold finish has an attractive polished and classic looks, combined with soft pastel colors and tones.

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