Girl room decor ideas

The pink, elected for years to decorate the rooms of girls and related to femininity, returns for those who prefer traditional decor. Currently parents choose colors like green, beige and mauve, but there are some people who pursue the classic for the quarter of girls.

The models that we present below highlight the feminine associated with pink cushions, pillows, sheets, curtains and furniture are the protagonists in these rooms.

Furniture in deep pink

With the air retro furniture, this room (pictured above) is ideal for a modern and very feminine girl. In addition to the blanket and pillows in pink, fuchsia painted wall highlights the area of ? the bed and headboard and at the same time, in contrast to the pink of the shelf, while for the curtains was chosen to give the target maximum brightness.

White with touches of pink

A fourth light, simple and clear in relation to furniture and ornaments is the proposal that we offer in the picture below. This room is ideal for a teenager. The softness of the bed and the dresser simple lines make an original style.

The vintage style mirror adds a romantic, and the carpet and the pink puff give the feminine spirit, while they are compensated very well in the clear and bright atmosphere of the room.

Now you have some ideas to start decorating the room of your daughter, begins today with the change. Hands!

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