Garnish with sewing tables

When you see this going to want to have asked the sewing machine to your grandmother, mother, or aunt. What, why? Read on … I do not tire of saying and repeating every day the fashion is increasingly everything old, also known as “retro” because if it was someone who did not know it yet! All returns, and in this case everything is back to re-invent … and today I want to show what you are ideas, inspirations, photos, old sewing machines re-used in the decoration of everyday life.

It’s simply amazing what you can get to change a single cabinet with layers of paint out there, and others there, and some pictures are worth a thousand words:

Here’s a nice sewing table, very classic, turned into a table for dining. Ideal for a furnished 2 lovers. It gives it a very nostalgic and somewhat romantic at once!

Here you have chosen to give you a very successful and turquoise give a very cheerful. The color combination is beautiful.

Last but not least, another great idea, have removed the wood, have used only the body, and have placed a thick glass on top. Nice new board!

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