Garnish with dried branches

Today we bring you a safe topic among the rustic charm of our readers. This involves applying the charm found in nature, and apply it to home. In this case involves particularly the use of dry twigs. So before continuing, go to the nearest field and collect a few dry branches.

Among the options we can think of to decorate the house with our branches are, for example:

As we see in this picture the dead branches, are used coat hangers and shelves. It’s a very easy craft to make, a few nails and a hammer drill and perhaps a shelf mounted a country have the most colorful and original. The only thing left to decide is the same style. It’s good that you choose the style branches you wish to, you can always paint them as well if you do not persuaded by the color.

In this picture, however, is observed as the branch has been used as a decorative vase. As we see is very well decorated in browns and creams. It’s very attractive, economical and effortless.

Also, if the size of your arm is over and recortáis parties, can use contained in bowl as a centerpiece. Do not hesitate and decorate your home with this fantastic idea.

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