Garnish and decorate with stairs

We should always look for new items to decorate our house. Sometimes we will take those who have been our mothers or grandmothers, and sometimes look for some at flea markets or houses for sale in old and used. But today’s proposal is decorated using ladders.

They may be old, modern, restored, or specially made for us for that space while we renovate. It is a rare object to decorate, but can offer great advantages in addition to give the decoration a different detail and renewed.

We can use them in virtually all areas of the home. In the kitchen can be useful to place the pots, cups, or as part of the lighting on the dining table. You may also be ideal for storing cookware or kitchen to separate our dining room.

Another place where we can use the stairs is in the bathroom. They can be the perfect support for towels and other accessories for both men and women always need. Here we use the style that best suits the existing one. Rustic, classic, modern, vintage style.

The room can also be a welcome accessory. They can be your bedside table, a hanger for your clothes or furniture ideal to place your heels and slippers. Let your room or in your small, it is always a detail that will look great and you can get the most from the functional point of view.

And if you thought that ended his chances here, you’re wrong. Shelves can be ideal for home office. Or to place your pots in the garden, terrace or balcony.

It is certainly an idea to consider and implement as soon as possible in our home.

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