Garden decor with contemporary furnishings

When summer arrives and with it the need to put in a garden to enjoy it the most, so take advantage of long hours in the pool, or under trees or just those endless nights when we were outdoors together with friends. First it is important to be prepared with a good atmosphere , which could be with contemporary furniture in your decor concept, that can accommodate group meetings.

The first group of chairs , is made ??with a metal structure covered with cushions. They are very comfortable and braziers Perfect with central heat more that are used as decorative, or why not, for a meal “to stick.”

The second part of the line designs to handle fabric spider with true finesse of work and many possibilities ranging from chairs, couches and beds to large couches for a nap or even overnight.

Protected areas fabrics are increasingly common tendency to use a night out, as well as the pergolas, although the latter are permanent, while the fabrics can be used only for the occasion.

Include a Jacuzzi in the garden, with a brazier, and can be much luxury, but that undoubtedly would want us all to give and of course it is possible, as quetampoco is inaccessible.

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