Four functions in one modular furniture

This furniture company multifunction Espace Loggia is incredible: it can function as room dividers , seating, bed and stairs,  Accordingly, we address four different functions in terms of decorative and practical with a single element. A true wonder of modular design.

It is basically a set of drawers, are pieces of different sizes with an interesting aesthetic rectangular prism. These simple accessories can be arranged in different ways, thereby creating a space separator, a comfortable couch, a bed and up a ladder,

In each case will need some accessories to complete the set, because the drawers do not get absolutely everything you need. However, the alternative composition are surprising because the same elements of wood are available in four designs completely different environment. In addition, the creative possibilities are endless.

One idea really useful for many people, for example for people who continually change of residence or who rent and facing regular changes. This flexible set is ideal because it will fit seamlessly into any space and provide the necessary function on each occasion.

It is very practical, for example, an option which includes a space downstairs and up, which may be placed on a bed or as a storage area advantage. This interesting alternative to win a lot of space in small apartments, or get more out of a room of small dimensions.

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