Flooring – Effects of soil

What do you make when choosing your flooring? Before you decide, values ? in addition to its performance, its decorative effect. Here are a few key:

  • In order to gain warmth: The choice largely determines the final result, so if you are looking for warmth, you have to consider two key factors, tones and textures. To create immersive environments will be critical to choose shades of cream, tile or honey. As for the texture, try to be pleasant to the touch. For its beauty and its insulating qualities, wood is the material used to create warm environments.
  • natural: One of the trends in contemporary homes, are the natural soils. In shades of cream, go unnoticed and play a structural role, ceding center stage to furniture. If you choose colors with streaks or brand, increase your character. There are very beautiful and natural stones like marble resistant.
  • To recruit and include: floors that do not leave indifferent and looking out over everything. Two basic get, vibrant colors and extra large sizes. That is why it is advisable to place them in rooms large and well lit. The furniture and walls should not compete with this type of soil, Select them clear. To soften the contrast, pqueñas introduce splashes of color that will help to harmonize the environment.
  • Rustic, rustic character floors, but own cottages, are in vogue due to reinterpretation in urban areas. Choose a ceramic floor, which despite being very delicate, beautiful. You can also choose very grainy wood aging.
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