Feng Shui Decor in the room

In Feng Shui decor of a space is needed to serve as a center for promoting family and social relationships, the ideal place for this is the living room or dining room.

The dining furniture is one of the most essential when decorating to get a good Feng Shui. Sofas and chairs have to keep the energy flowing pond or too fast.

It has to be distributed in a way that serves to hold meetings enjoyable, with sofas, armchairs, chairs and tables distributed to promote a conversation or a pleasant meeting.

There must be space between sofas and tables for both energy and we openly and gently flowing.

Also important is the center of the room, it can never be empty, we can fill with a well-adorned coffee table. If the room is the empty center, give the feeling of desolation.

In every room is where we usually have the television, and is the right place, but need not be the center of attention, we always have to have other resources such as books, or balcony, if not we can place a balcony plants serving window to get our attention, just as we can place a stereo.

As important as the furniture and its layout is clean, a room full of dirt on the floor, or in the windows, dust on the furniture, not ever to promote the energy flow. Feng Shui in the decoration we must keep everything clean and tidy. Nor should we spend to clean and obsessed as this would contribute to a bad energy.

If in front of the door of the room have a window coming incoming energy of the room and window collided heavily, to avoid that, we can put hanging plants.

The shapes of the furniture of the room should not be peaked or pointed shapes. They have to be furniture with soft lines, curves for energy to flow freely and no corners to cause any damage. And if we have any furniture with sharp corners to avoid pointing directly at us or at the door or window.

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