Fabrics for curtains and upholstery

With great reason, velvety textures, designs, retro, Fabrics are wearing the suit every environment in your home, here are the latest developments.

  • Combined in beige: Different shades of beige and brown range, trend-setting decor. They give harmony and brightness to your room.
  • Snake: They are a classic upholstery because they are very resistant and have a smooth texture and pleasant. By incorporating synthetic fibers require less care and can be machine washed.
  • Grande designs: Use the same base color prints to coordinate the basic premise is to achieve a result cooherente. Break the color with a lamp unit in a different tone and armchairs.
  • Worlds of Fantasy: The color is a safe bet in children’s bedrooms. In the form of patchwork, printed or applications, you can dress your room with proposals textile estimulesn your imagination and make them dream asleep and awake.
  • Retro Decor: Signatures cast look back for inspiration for new designs. Most prominent in this area are inspired by the Pop-art prints and Florentines.
  • Streaked: reupholstering the couch is a good way to renew the salon without works. Try an appropriate step on the strongest trends this season, in contrast stripes. Play with the white and black, but if you still want to give more character to your couch, bet on red and black.
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