Ethnic decoration

Recreate an environment that brings memories of a trip, movie or book. Inspiration from Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, South Africa. Japan, China, India, Java, Bali, Polynesia, the Seychelles, Jamaica ethnic style creates unique environments where style is combined with your own experiences.

The ethnic decor is trendy, more people know a country and seek to recreate the atmosphere of the country in their homes. A trip to Marrakech where you saw a riad dream suggests you decorate your room Moroccan style. A film set in Africa that made you think in a bedroom inspired by the African colonial decor.

Remember in India , cities like Agra bathed by the river Yamuna. Udaipur, the city of Venares. Indian decor, contrasting bright colors that fill your home with vitality. Japan and its wonders, Tokyo, Osaka.

Ethnic décor

  1. Africa is very wide there are many different styles that can be taken as reference for decoration.
  2. The Moroccan style, vibrant colors of turquoise, dark blue, yellow. The use of horseshoe arches, ribbed, two centers, scalloped.
  3. Bows are the perfect setting to create a Moroccan ethnicity.
  4. Ethnic decor inspired by the African colonial style.
  5. Cushions , leather poufs round tea tables. Ceramic pots and terra cotta.
  6. The English colonial style blends the English style with inspiration from areas where there were British colonies. In Oceania, Asia, Europe, America and Africa covers a period of more than 300 years from late 1700 until 1800.
  7. It was based on the English style . In Africa, colonial style characteristics and details on other continents acquires native.
  8. Local builders and materials were also simplified construction are making contractions of simple lines and great beauty.
  9. Canopy beds and ceiling fans combine well in ethnic backgrounds.
  10. Gold details, sabers, swords, indigenous decorative objects. Masks, papyrus, representations of gods, wood sculptures, vases.
  11. Silk cotton fabrics, curtains and sheer curtains. The four poster beds, mosquito nets.
  12. Sisal rugs , natural fibers. Imitation animal skins such as zebra or leopard natural carpets, or tapestries on the walls.
  13. Rustic woods in dark colors, wood wenge , rich green tapestry, gold tones, yellow, blue, flowers. The white walls, and sofas with color, or white sofas and walls full of color.
  14. Solid wood furniture, dark carpet of sisal or natural fibers. Plants, in the decoration.
  15. Paintings of horses, animals rustic setting. Decorative motifs inspired by African tribal masks, spears. Replicas of animals, faux ivory tusks. Decorating with animal motifs.
  16. Oriental Style
  17. Asia, to inspire decorating. The decoration of India, Zen decor, decoration China. Recreate peace, colors , the beautiful lacquered black and red. The exquisite and practical furniture with many drawers to store everything.
  18. Indian Furniture
  19. Chinese Furniture, videos
  20. Asia Furniture, pictures
  21. Rest in Oriental style, “The futon
  22. Furniture Sheesham solid wood, wood handle, Baoobul in teak. Wonderful embossed into the wood. Marquetry.
  23. Decor inspired by China, Tibet, Japan. Colorful furniture, rattan, bamboo, acacia and cedar wood.
  24. Versatile furniture with wax to give them an aged look spectacular. Turquoise, red, orange, gold lacquered black. Furniture, oriental screens with drawings create an atmosphere of elegance and exoticism in your living room.
  25. Plants , flowers, Bonsai to create miniature gardens somewhere in the room.

Tropical islands and other islands.

  1. Recreate the decoration of Jamaica, Fiji, Samoa, Bali. The Seychelles, Maldives or Hawaii. Different styles but with a common bond, the sea.
  2. The nautical decor is attached to the colonial-style decor with dark wood furniture or white furniture.
  3. nets. The bright colors, shades or roman shades, letting in light and landscape.
  4. Whitewashed walls, white walls combined with colored stucco .
  5. Artistic Furniture embossed and inlaid furniture such as Bali. Colors of the sea and of the neck, turquoise, emerald green, light blue.
  6. Aquariums for decoration. Shells, shells, marine watercolor, pictures of fish. Colorful paintings inspired by the work of Gauguin paintings and Polynesian.
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