Encouraged to decorate with black color

The color black is often injured party in the judgments of many people, it is usually associated with a color characteristic of people gloomy and dark.

Also tend to think that dark-colored houses off the light in the house, make the dark atmosphere and create a vision of “low life”. The truth is that it is a color that should not overuse it in small flats or houses with very poor lighting and ornate furniture. Must be used in its proper place, taking care of every detail is given to him.

The color black can be used in all the rooms of the house, is only slightly indicated in children’s rooms. This is a color suitable for adults who can interpret it in a positive way, but in the development of children can lead to feelings of anxiety that is best avoided.

Combining accessories, fabrics, flooring coatings and some the result can be sophisticated, stylish and original other. Here we show two different approaches to various rooms. From the kitchen to the hall, past the bedrooms and bathroom.

Also keep in mind that if you use black or dark gray walls, floors and other parts of the house, then you must make a good game of contrasts with white and light colors to give more liveliness to the room.

So no fear of black and all its wide range of colors, and encourage you to make the move to a new type of decoration . But always accompanied by good lighting.

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