Eastern and African style bedroom decor

One of the many ways to inspire us to make a nice decoration by theme. In this case, these rooms are decorated in an oriental style.

The decor of this room has been inspired by the purity of the Japanese lines. The room with white walls monastic is furnished with a bed Japanese style, and placed on a tatami floor of bamboo. The window, hidden by a canvas oil, is provided with a unique bamboo fence.

Simply decorated in Moroccan style. The wrought iron windows painted blue wall combined with the half white, half pink. A geometric rug colors harmonize with multicolored glass window.

Decoration inspired by the opulence of a Lebanese palace has been tempered with neutral colors. The bed covered with Turkish bath towels and embroidered pillows. It lies on a masonry platform painted white satin. On the wall, a large mirror Syria’s 19-century inlaid with mother of pearl.

Chinese-style decoration, with a finely carved wooden bed, covered with velvet and silk dyed in subtle colors.

Another Moroccan style bedroom. The dark walls clad in brick fireplace in the 30’s inspired, the bed surrounded by two traditional niches and stools covered with a blanket decorated with sequins.

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