Dressing room decor

Not many meters are always needed to have a dressing room. These four proposals will give you good ideas. When designing a dressing, you must assess the volume and type of clothing, especially your real needs for space, since the solutions are endless.

  1. Dress Room closet open and type: Choose an open model that can be attached to the bedroom and is equipped with shelves, drawers with glass front (which reduce the visual weight) and to locate the parts to the naked eye.
  2. Inlet of the bedroom: Having an irregular floor bedroom can be a good option to schedule a dressing area in a recess. The premise is to be integrated into the decor, but at the same time, you can enjoy an independent space. Just follow the same line color and try to place a small chair and a lamp for mood.
  3. Very complete and 2 fronts in parallel: To create a dressing will need at least 3m square space. If the plant permits, a good option is to place two parallel fronts, dejendo a hallway in the middle of about 90cm. This is the best option to optimize an area that often lacks many meters. Choose warm tones in the paint, enlarge and increase the brightness.
  4. Separating a wall halfway up: If you have a spacious bedroom, a good idea to set aside a closet wall behind the bed and separated by a half-height wall (plasterboard, glass, plastic). This includes the tables and serves in turn headboard. The rear it’s any storage area, having a 2 or 3 cabinet doors that traverse the wall.
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