Distributed your pictures on the wall decor

The pictures are one of the decorative elements of the walls of our home that matter most. Give a touch of style, personality and life to any place to put them. Equally important as choosing the perfect picture is its location within the space. Take note because here are some important tips.

Spatio-size: to place a single frame in the space we need to consider this relationship, and that large areas need a large box or two important dimensions of medium size (never very small, as it would be ridiculous).

Where to place: the tables must take the role of some of the highlights of the room, especially if it’s those large. The walls of the headboard, the space above the sofa or dining room furniture are some areas tend to put the largest.

Avoid the “art gallery”: Your house is not a place of this type, which prevents it seems. Place tables at the same height, the same type and with the same space between them will seem cold and bland the decor.

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