Dishes with floral and fruit Portmeirion

What is see in the picture is a beautiful Portmeirion dinnerware set, called Eden, and that is clearly distinguishable from a set of common dishes for the simple fact that its floral and fruit attract everyone.

A few times we have focused on this type of thing, when it comes to decorating the kitchen or dining room , but we thought convenient to make a small space, to highlight the potential of these elements in our home.

The same, that we see daily in the sink or on the shelf, or minutes before serving food on the table, can add to the decor through a variety of reasons that give color and charm, even if only by few minutes.

In particular we are seeing these are so colorful and bright, that even many may be used only as decoration. Includes reasons of strawberries, blackberries, apples, strawberries and peaches, made in the finest porcelain applied to plates, tea and coffee cups, pitchers, sugar bowls and teapots, among many other items related to food or cooking.

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