Different options for floor coverings concept

Soils are very important from a decorative point of view, and doubtless wisely choose the materials, textures and colors of the coating applied will be a key to achieving aesthetically harmonious environments.

In this context, there are new generation materials whose characteristics in terms of functionality and rich ornamentation are more than interesting. Synthetically to describe some of these alternatives must begin by stating that most of the new options are imitations of natural materials.

floor coverings

For example, laminates to mimic the appearance of parquet, vinyl to resemble ceramic or marble and compact that resemble granite. Logically, they have the same characteristics as the originals, yet are more economical and practical.

Among its main advantages is worth noting the range of decorative possibilities, its resistance to wear, failure to require ongoing maintenance, and are cleaned with ease, and simplicity of installation. Some options:

  1. The compact materials, for example, are clusters of quartz sand and natural silica and bonded with pigmented polyester resin. They have the look and feel of granite and marble.
  2. The glass mosaics are made ? of glass colored with natural oxides and glazes or minerals, which can obtain gold and silver reflections, similar to ceramics and glass.
  3. Laminate flooring, meanwhile, are developed by several layers of kraft, with a decorative layer that provides a perfect finish. Mimic natural materials like wood or marble, and can be placed seamlessly into any home environment.
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