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In this environment where we receive visitors, we must not overlook some things that make the difference. This time talk about the room, which is the space of the house where the decor and comfort must follow the same path.

In the dining room, dinners and lunches with family and friends should be enjoyable and to convey the feeling we have when we go to a special and exclusive restaurant.

So, what are the details to consider:

Windows: If you have questions with shades, especially considering the meters stay and the effect you want to achieve. Remember that long curtains are reinforced and complemented by a dining room decorated with an elegant style. But for a small dining room today, we recommend the blinds. If your decision leaned toward the curtains, believes should stand about 30 inches on either side of the window, and you’ll be more decorative if the fabric has fallen to about 15 inches above the ground.

The linens for the table, as they say, a good and a nice cloth napkins, dress and decorate the table. The distinction embroidered tablecloths provide care to the table. Regarding the choice of colors, you can opt for the distinctive white, timeless and brings out every detail. You can also choose neutral tones, light gray or beige, which will combine with the colors and styles of any dishes. Remember that the best measure of cloth is that between 30 and 40 centimeters, ie, longer than the table. Another option is to combine two tablecloths, placing the thicker base and a smaller one as sobremantel.

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