Decorative techniques: sponge or cloth

In this case, the proposal is to use a decorative technique very simple and familiar: the sponge or rag. It’s really easy to implement and do not need too many materials. Hands On!

The materials you need are:

  1. Wall Painting
  2. Sponge, rags or scrap of cloth of different textures
  3. Latex Gloves

The slogan is simple: paint on a wall brush or roller not used, but a sponge or cloth to achieve a texture on the wall.

First, choose the wall on which does the sponge or rag. It is not too big a wall, otherwise the environment will be overloaded.

There are two ways to perform this technique: using foams clear paint on a dark wall color, or using a sponge-dark paint on a light wall color, as shown in the picture (red on yellow).

All you have to do is soak the sponge in the paint carefully, download the excess paint on a piece of paper towel – not leave a stain on the wall – and put the color on the wall, pressing gently.

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