Decorative and insulating properties of cork

Cork is a natural and light, each day is used more frequently in the field of interior decoration for a high capacity and insulation. Also, it is a simple equipment installation and maintenance, which can be varnished and kept clean only happening once in a while a flannel or chamois.

Experts also recommend not to lose their ability decorative cleaned regularly with a cloth soaked in warm water and some detergent, or failing that a few drops of ammonia. When the cork is not coating can be washed with a preparation based on an infusion of bran.

decorative cork

For grease stains, cork can be treated with turpentine to remove traces of grease. Once this treatment, you can apply a coat of linseed oil, which will increase the protection of equipment against possible new spots in the future.

When the purpose is to use cork in the bathroom , it is imperative to waterproof it with marine varnish, which will greatly increase its resistance to moisture. It is worth remembering that the cork is a natural, extracted from the tree of the same name.

It has great insulating properties and sound-absorbing, which means it is able to prevent the entrance of noises and sounds in the spaces in which it is placed, due to its porosity. This is fantastic, for example to isolate zones of work or study at home, which seeks to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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