Decoration for autumn winter

At this time of year in preparation for winter , we began to think about our stoves and weatherstripping of our windows and doors. But the artistic, decoration, there are some things we can do to add elegance to our home while the “arm ourselves” against the bitter cold to come.

During the warmer months, many of us hide our rugs , bedspreads and curtains of cloth. In the colder months, however, soft textures and warm look, with colors and forms that help give the house a welcoming atmosphere. The following is a carpet Kawsay that provides solution to all these needs, while offering modern elegance.

Also during the summer months we spend most time outdoors, but when the weather turns cold, virtually all the activity moves into the home. Now is a good time to rethink the layout of the furniture decor. The best lounges provide areas that allow them to perform various tasks. The next room is arranged to turn into a chat room by the fire.

Nothing adds warmth and drama as the art inside. If your art has become old-fashioned, try adding or changing, new accessories to keep special attention to the room.

Fall marks the beginning of the season of entertainment in the home. Check out your utensils kitchen and tableware , to see what needs to be replaced, and what you can add. When starting the holiday season certainly want to have everything you need close at hand.

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