Decorating outdoor spaces

The gallery is also part of our home and we must keep it safe for use during the year. This is where we receive our visitors, rest and if the weather helps us share our family meals. The idea is to incorporate it as one more at home by decorating.

We present two photos so you can get some ideas for decorating, of course everything depends on the style and decor of your home.

The first model is a porch, allowing us to make the most of the year. Has a set of chairs with their cushions, really comfortable. In general, the furniture used here are rustic, like the ornamentation used as the mirror and motifs that are observed. The environment revolves relative to the red hue of purple and white. It is an excellent option if you have the same decorative style throughout your home.

The second option is developed in the open and has a roof that protects diners from the elements. This proposal consists of a table and chairs arranged to share lunch. It is a sober style and colors chosen are the black and red. You can add some ornaments or small table with chairs arranged behind the big table.

This type of photos may be used less frequently than the porch, but otherwise is more enjoyable to share a lunch or dinner outside and enjoy the scenery. enjoy that decor concept!

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