Decorating hall with pillows

With a few cushions can give a new look to your room, you just need to know some tricks to implement a small big change.

A few good-sized cushions are better than many small ones. Always choose an odd number: 3 to 5, it is much better than in pairs. Place in an asymmetric manner without stacking, should look casual, for example places two in a corner of the couch and one on the other end.

Consider the size when choosing the prints. A limited color palette and large geometric prints on upholstery or smooth surfaces work well in a modern setting. The chosen fabric should be tightly woven like cotton and linen.

The velvet and silk cushions in the environments are great classics. The variety of textures, patterns, sizes and colors makes them look more animated. Combining a simple stamped reloaded with another to form pairs like the one pictured, sometimes it works very well.

You can also repeat the same range of colors that you have a table in the room. Or a mat or blanket.

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