Decorating Fireplaces

Speaking of fireplaces , for those who love the glow, the smell and sound of burning wood at home, is to speak from the heart of the room or in some cases of our own bedrooms. They usually have a generous space on them, where to apply a beautiful decoration, so we will focus on some pictures, to offer some ideas for decorating.

Here is a somewhat flashy style and full of stories, why?, Because apart from the lamp and the two tables, the rest of the decor consists of old books and artifacts, so that each one of them probably have many stories that involve people from home and can be the beginning of long conversations, every time you see on the mantelpiece.

Rustic never disappoints. Small logs, simulated nests with some quail eggs (purchased and find it takes a minimum drilling fluid and leaves the shell shape), and a glass chandelier, is the perfect combination.

If you lean on something classic, with just two lamps to the side wall, a picture in the middle and two elements that are well defined and far, can make a symmetric decoration of great distinction.

The decorations may be changing, according to the season. At this time of year could start with leaves and branches that will be incorporated little by little witches, broomsticks and pumpkins up to Halloween, to finally give way to holiday decorations, close to December.

The large paintings are a trend, but we must have courage to hang one of these features over the fireplace. The decorations around, may be asymmetric, for breaking the rules.

To expose collections, is the perfect place. In what will be the same, it is in everyone. In this case, are African masks and treatments for the head. A view does not seem very nice, but probably the owner will have long stories to tell, with looks that land on them.

The flowers always give life, it is true that must be renewed regularly, but the natural colors and are difficult to match by other decoration.

This fireplace shelves will be added to both sides and then simply decorated with a mirror and some theme related to Easter week.

Candles always accompany and if it is the extensive use colors combined with black and white photography, you can get a wonderful result.

In the case of a fireplace with the landscape that looks back, then it better be free, since that view can not be matched by any object that it rests above the fireplace.

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