Decorate your walls with plates

We often happens that given we do not know how to decorate wall of the house. We usually fold with problems like “do not know what ornament place” or “all the ornaments are very costly” but it’s worth noting that just have to use their imagination to find an excellent choice of decoration.

If the wall is, first you have to consider what the home environment are talking about. If it’s a dining room or kitchen, from EspacioHogar give you an excellent idea to decorate the walls with plates.

It is very simple! All you have to do is look flashy and decorative plates that match the decor of the environment – and the color of the wall, of course – to form a composition more attractive.

An excellent alternative is to visit antique fairs where you can find really beautiful and original dishes, you probably will not cost you too much money.

Once you have chosen dishes, think of a good distribution of them on the wall and buy special hooks for hanging plates. You can also use picture hooks that you will stick very well in the back of the plate.

Got your decor with dishes! What do you think?

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