Decorate your wall with music discs

Super original idea will make your favorite room a very important place in your home. For music fans, for those who remember old times, we have a proposal easy to make and unusual: decorating a wall with mobile music discs and CD’s.

Consider the following suggestions to make your wall look so original:

A chess board on your wall

First, collect the boxes of CDs that do not use and distribute them in the order of a chessboard. Then paste the basis of the boxes on the wall, remember that this way you can change the position of the disks as you please. Plus, you can display the album covers that you hit.

Vinyl and CD’s to decorate your room

As a second proposal, we present the combination of vinyl in various ways with music CDs. To carry out the decoration of your wall, you must distribute the albums on vinyl adhesive that you like. For example, you can opt for a vinyl score as above and add some CD’s. This idea is perfect for those who are passionate about music.

A tree with CD’s at the ends

If you enjoy contact with nature outdoor decor you’ll love this. Paint a large tree on your wall or get a vinyl adhesive, and then place CD’s at the ends of each branch.

Hanging mobiles for the fourth

Another interesting way to create decorations with CD’s is hanging with hooks and ropes at various heights. Paint them or just leave them to their original color.

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