Decorate your cottage

If you have a weekend home, if you live in the area or if you want to customize your apartment or house in town, we provide some suggestions for the country style.

Common areas: what to consider

In country houses, people seek to live together in large common areas, therefore, the living room, kitchen and dining spaces become essential.

For the construction and decoration of the room, we must take into account the number of people you invite and of course have to consider the members of your family. To realize this space, the furniture should be practical and easy to move and also should have a couple of chairs and tables games. At the same time, try to choose furniture that allow store lots of objects, to leave the room tidy.

Trends: what’s to come in decorated cottages

Trends for this year will bring your home a modern architectural style, an effect of ancient and contemporary.

The important thing is to create open spaces that relate to nature and the comfort of home. Trends point to the design of open spaces and social areas to room temperature.

The rustic style is also required. The use of materials such as concrete walls of rough work, baseboards and exposed metal with traces of oxide are some details to incorporate into cottages.

As for the colored , you can combine raw materials and modern vibrant colors. They are also used to decorate ornaments to enhance the walls and floors.

Here are some ideas to start decorating your country home. Remember, your wit and imagination also help you in decorating.

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