Decorate with glass

No doubt all the glass pieces are highly valued by both his job at a functional level and their potential utility as decorative in any room in the home. Thus, the glass is not only found in windows but in countertops, furniture or decorative strategically located.

Crystal accessories have much to contribute to home decoration, for example in cases in which it has applied the traditional technique of blowing. Thus, vases, candlesticks, goblets, vases, bowls and jars can become an important aesthetic point of some rooms. Another “classic” home glass lamps are called spiders, which through a shaft protruding accessories allow various lighting to take advantage of an exquisitely decorated and elegant.

There are different kinds of glass, some of which have accumulated greater fame throughout history. This is the case of glass and Murano glass and Bohemia, probably the most valued and sought after decorative level. There are also companies that are dedicated to the development of glass manufacturing using traditional processes typical of several centuries, with cane and blow molds.

Please note that the use of metal rod it revolutionized the world of glass, allowing the development of a variety of forms in hollow glass. From that moment until today the options have multiplied in the field, fostering the development of all types of glass fittings and accessories.

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