Decorate the walls with framing objects

There are thousands of different ways to decorate the walls of our homes. We can stick decals , applying wallpaper, painting in a conventional manner (with warm colors, or high contrast), hanging sculptures, drawings, paintings, and many more.

The decorative alternatives are almost endless. But today I want to show a form of decoration that is anything but conventional. This is the first time I see this form of decoration, and share it with you because it caught my attention.

Apartment Therapy reader has sent to the people of this blog a curious technique of decoration with framed objects. In this particular case, the reader is shown how to frame and hang on the wall his collection of cameras .

But as you can imagine, can be applied to any other type of object. The question, and what I want to emphasize, is the originality of this type of decoration. You can use it to hang other objects that you like, even toys (in the case of a child’s bedroom ) or other things.

In the case of photography, we can see how the user chose all the same frames and within different chambers hung. Since only hang the frames, the effect is great.

The decor lacks homogeneity. But I think that the different sizes, different shapes, and all the “uneven” contributes to this work of art. Not everything has to be perfect. Sometimes, the imperfections make it pretty. I really loved it.

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