Decorate the living room with some advice

To change the face of your room , you must take precautions to avoid mistakes regarding the materials and the combination of colors and textures. So we leave some guidelines that can guide you, so you can redecorate the room yourself, saving money and good style.

First, it is important that you clear what you want to make changes in the lunchroom. In a room remodel lighting can change the floor, curtains, paint walls or chairs.

The decor magazines to help you work better in your ideas. In some cases you may find a good idea for your room or looking modern furniture inspires you to create original and elegant atmosphere. Depending on what you find, it is preferable that reflects your goals in a sketch.

An important factor is the lighting of the room to check it if your living room more light is missing or if necessary add warm lights. Note that the effect of light gives us the idea of ??a welcoming space. An important element to take into account and create a warm atmosphere is scented candles.

If it is time to change the furniture design notes, as if they have a modern style, maybe you just need to change the upholstery.

In relation to the curtains if you want to have more natural light, lean and elegant designs that look and let light through, always aligned with the furniture.

Ornaments or accessories, like picture frames and plants must be combined with the new decor, we recommend using only a few to avoid reloading the environment.

Finally, we leave you with an important tip: When you decorate combine different colors and shades that highlight each other, do not buy furniture and accessories the same color.

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