Decorate the kitchen | lilac style

What we appreciate is a splendid modern cuisine with a touch of French style, which shows how subtle can be used to decorate purple. Although color is usually associated with female sex, not necessarily to be taken seriously the pre concept, as the lilac is related to the mind and to calm, especially people with obsessions and fears.

So do not be carried away by what they say and if you like a good combination, for then there is left with the desire, as it combines well with other colors typical of the kitchen, as white and brown varnished wood, dark. In turn you can implement a set of tones adding violet .

Most of the time, is used to give color to the shelves and drawers, being able to add sets of plates or cups of the same color to reinforce the decor idea. There is also the option to highlight the outline of furniture and walls in lilac, who are attached to other walls or ceiling, in white with a thin black frame.

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