Decorate the home switches

When you have to take the last rivet in the decoration of a house you should keep in mind that small details are what make the difference. Furthermore, if we have children around the house, or just want to give a nice personal touch and like everyone stay tuned to detail we bring you today a simple guide for us to do these funny designing switches possible.

As you can see in the picture, this fantastic bird motif is made ??decals . The variety of vinyl you can find in the market is infinite just need to know what reason is the desired and sought in the wide range of available, well sizes are also infinite. You can also make custom in some places as specialized stationery.

Not only is it a matter of buying, because if you have some skill with a brush and a little leftover material you some paint, you can design it yourself with a little patience and a template, or simply on the basis of imagination if you’re an artist.

So with these details will give your home a touch more informal and personal that nobody else will. To inspire a bit, here are more proposals and designs for switches. Some are Ziemowit Maj illustrator, made in vinyl.

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