Decorate the doors covered with wallpaper

In other posts, we talked about ways to decorate the house with vinyl doors, or wall cover idea, or simply restored with a coat of varnish.

Today we see another way to decorate a door in style. The way is lined with wallpaper.

It’s a very simple to perform and give much style to your decor, not only for the contribution it has decorative wallpaper, but it can transform an old door that spoils all the room for example, a new door.

No matter which design has the door, no matter it is full or has smooth trim and drawings.

If the door is completely smooth, you can line it with paper and colored entirely do not have to perform complicated curves.

If the door is not straight and has a drawing, you can line the sides creating a contrast plain fabulous.

To cover a door with wallpaper, you only need the wallpaper of your choice, glue to paper, plastic spatula, a cutter and the door is clean.

Short pieces of paper slightly larger than the surface where you are placing.

Then glue and stick it on your site.

Now with a cutter, cut the excess paper and voila, you have a new door that will give it another decorative entire stay.

If excess glue, remove it with a clean damp cloth.

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