Decorate Natural Wood Furniture

With the new home decorating trends, we are seeing more furniture made in natural wood, without a hint of varnish, the best looking and exuding qualities that may have the wood. For my taste, the best of woods are the aroma, as emanating from the Eucalyptus or Pine.

According to the ancestors, the wood care should begin from the moment of felling it, and so need not hold any further product to conserve wood. However, knowing how it was cut and treated a tree is quite difficult, so for us, which we want to keep in good condition furniture acquired natural wood, it is easier to follow some conservation tips as they will detail below.

First, we seek to protect furniture from moisture and dark environments, as it is very easy to lose grip and fungal resistance, plus getting a foul odor.

When buying wood furniture, if we have no guarantee of its origin, care and cutting cycle, as simple and easy for us, is to apply a treatment made with salt water mixed with borax in a ratio of one-eighth of salt eight parts water.

Dilute the salt in water at 90 degrees Celsius and then apply to furniture with a brush, moisten well. Then the furniture should dry in a well ventilated area for several days, until it is dry.

After completion of the treatment described above, is made to furniture treated with linseed oil and turpentine (ratio 60/40), along with orange peel and / or herbs. Apply this mixture to the wood with a brush and allowed to air dry.

The essences of orange antiseptic helps keep the wood from young and pretty for a long time, think that is the same as if we apply to our skin, orange revitalizes, and provides a stimulating scent.

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