Decorate and protect cables

Many times there are so many wires that need to view that disfigure the site, and no longer even know where each artifact.
Cables with plugs the laptop, TV, many cable from the computer and many other space-consuming, they are ugly and often become a danger to children and pets.

When you have many wires together should review followed to prevent someone who is not in good condition can cause an accident.
To avoid all these drawbacks and many more has designed cable protection at the same time enhance the aesthetics.

Tania Da Cruz designer, has created a proposal called Florafil, with insulation covering the cable pipes and beautify the place, simulating branches with green leaves.

It has dual function, to decorate and to protect the cables are not loose without any protection. This idea can awaken another, to hide the wires that are accumulating that there are so many electrical appliances in homes and serve to decorate the rooms.

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