Decorate and flavored the home with flower petals

No need to be an expert to make beautiful decorative centerpieces with candles and flower petals. Takes note of the materials you will need:

  1. Flores, the ones you like best
  2. A container with enough depth.
  3. Water
  4. Floating Candles

The way to build these beautiful dishes is more than simple. First, get the flowers that you like. There are two main criteria for choosing the most appropriate: the color and aroma. If you like the scent of roses , for example, have many colors of roses to choose from – white, pink, yellow, red – so you can choose the color of petals which harmonizes with the environment more than decorate. What’s more, you can also combine several colors.

Then, take the container and fill it with water. Note that dark and opaque container – ceramic or clay, for example – will not allow the petals look completely. The best option is a glass or crystal, as well as show off the colors of the petals will also reflect the tiny lights of candles.

Finally, place the petals on the water and floating candles. If you choose scented candles, the effect will be even more intense. But be careful not to over mix the flavors, for example, is not quite right the scent of roses with candles scented incense. Try to be similar or flavors combine well, such as floral and citrus aromas. If you can not directly use unscented floating candles.

As a final touch, you can also add some stones to the center of the table to give it a more rustic and natural.

You will see the centerpiece with flower petals and candles will give a romantic touch to your home, and also give off a smell lovely for the whole family to enjoy.

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