Decor idea: Bedrooms baby concept

One of the greatest pleasures of a mom and why not, an expectant father, is planned as is the bedroom of their baby. Colors, styles, ornaments, toys, stuffed animals, bed, in order,. so many things that seem magical, sometimes we do not know where to start. That’s why here we will show some possibilities, so exact, so they can start with this beautiful work of decorating the room of your son or daughter.

Start with the photo above, here you can see a fairly small bedroom, that’s because you will not need a large room, at least for now. Paint stripes, aims to give children a style that is distinguished from the rest of the bedrooms of the house. As you can see, the colors are soft and neutral enough for it to be for a girl or a boy.

The rest of the decor is simple, based on remodeling a second-hand crib, or family, perhaps the same one you used your. The walls are adorned with a few tables apart cartoons.

But if you were expecting was to be young to fully exploit decorated with pink, then this is your choice. The myriad of fabrics, textures and patterns, both for sheets, pillows, wallpaper or carpet, making the possibilities are endless.

Or on the opposite side to decorate the bedroom with the blue we long for the child. Although in this case lends itself more to add other neutral colors to the decor. As we can see the decoration of the wall can be done with letters in different sizes and positions as well as numbers, this will quickly familiarize the child with those things of daily life.

Returning to the  scents for both sexes, here we focus on something very important as a chair, you can sit in on who is watching the baby, as well as the mother when breastfeeding or just want to hold him to sleep. If you have not, trust me, few months after birth, have no power to stand longer than necessary.

It is also a chance to paint with a color that serve today, but at the same time may accompany all of the growth of your son or daughter, without being childish. The only thing that will vary over the years will be the furniture.

The hanging toys are very useful, especially to entertain the baby, who can spend time with them.

Finally we show this style a bit rustic, but mostly very warm. Cartoon paintings on the wall can be fun, but you paint eye, since they can also be scary baby. Lean styles such as Winnie the Pooh or bears Gumi.

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