Contrast baths decor concept

The black-white opposition is a design classic, as a game of opposites and contrasts for excellence. However, the bathroom was not chosen a larger stage proposal to carry out this color. So highlight these two options that we see in the pictures.

On the one hand, the company Comercial Salgar launched its 2009 catalog Rhodes Series 1000 (photo above). It is a line of furniture that stand out for having three large drawers capacity. The range comes in black and white, including auxiliary cabinets can be combined with the furniture.

Contrast baths decor

Aesthetic features allow the combination with glass basins of different colors and materials, which greatly expands the design possibilities. The range includes a mirror with a low-energy fluorescent lighting, among other details of sumptuous elegance.

Moreover, we can see in the picture below a proposal Grup Gamma. This is a new health called Night and launched by the brand Raif. The black is the main feature, and seeks to break with the classic black giving prominence to the bathroom, in contrast to the pure white that may have other surfaces in the same environment.

Its smooth rounded lines accentuate the elegance typical of the black, with black porcelain made in health. It also includes a comprehensive set of devices and accessories for the bathroom concept, comprising toilet, flush toilet, bidet and shower. In summary, two alternatives are betting on black-white contrast and provide aesthetic originality.

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