Colorful decoration with little money

If you were thinking of giving a hint of renewal to the bedroom and buy some arrangements that allowed him to feel more comfortable in that space, for then then are some tips on how to get a decoration colorful , with little money.

bedroom decoration

First of all, we first define the focus of the bedroom, is the clothing of bed, which in times of discounts can be achieved at very affordable prices, and to the contrary, think that will be the only major expense that will have to do.

bedroom decor idea

Having defined the pattern and colors that, you can take the second step, which are the prints of the cushions. Do not buy them facts, but you can get the fabrics and sew them yourself, or ask your mother or grandmother, as there is always a lover of sewing in the family.

cushion bedroom interior

In Lightbox, subtlety of color, will bring its bit for the environment. There you can do things like change the lampshade, for a more colorful, or place a craft, including a small basket, small balls, made with wool yarns of different colors.

interior bedroom idea

Finally, as to encompass the decor, you can search the internet a nice pattern or paint edgy landscape full of bright colors, and send a print size, and then hang it on the wall.

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