Colonial Style Decor

The colonial style known as born right in the historical period of the colonies on different continents (and especially in America), various European powers maintained thereafter. It was the architectural and decorative expression that accompanied this political process.

These methods used by the inhabitants of the metropolis from various foreign elements were mixed and native, causing each colony build your own furniture and develop their own style according to traditional local materials.

Arguably, therefore, that there is no single colonial style, as so many expressions that were developed as colonial and destinations were mixed at this point in history. Today, colonial style or what is left as a legacy of it is used in many homes.

Today, the main characteristics of this style seek to accentuate the warmth and simplicity of the environments. This includes the use of natural fabrics, the use of wood and choice of colors, clear and smooth as beige or white, for example. Details are also used in iron, used carpet or choose furniture made of wicker.

In all cases, the aim is to create a natural and pleasant, in which the axis is the simplicity of the designs, the absence of the unnecessary and selection of motives that bring warmth to the home.

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