Children also deserve style

Why not put in the rooms of the smaller furniture rescued from the past? In addition to individualize your space and make it unique and unrepeatable and therefore: do it differently, we will have the satisfaction of having helped to improve the furniture in your room and in the future thanks.

Do not you think that cradle beautiful blue?

But it’s not just furniture, but the vintage spirit attempts to transmit each of the elements that make up the room, the unmistakable flavor of the past.

A brick wall, for example, conveys the essence of the industrial areas and reminds you that small historical facts that dwell in that room will learn in the future.

If you also combine it with objects such as a suitcase or trunk old, recycled wooden boxes as a shelf, a wooden horse and an old iron bed, perhaps a little rusty, success is guaranteed.

We can also opt for a more romantic vintage, very close to shabby chic style, more suitable for females. Sufficient for the resulting color palette to pastels (pink in my opinion) and add, for example, silver accents, wicker or framed wall mirrors castle worthy of princesses.

The details are what make a nice room in a single room …

We should note that the smallest rooms are the place where they spend most of their day to day, where they play, sleep and dream, and a harmonious décor style and something always favor their development do not you think?

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