Centerpieces decor for every occasion

The centerpieces are responsible for giving character to them, provide color, atmosphere and probably the first occasion of talk. Of these very simple models can arise that go undetected, or decorations so striking that it is impossible not to focus on them, several times in one meal. We will see some examples oriented, for every occasion.

As seen in the gallery, the vast majority of them are made ??based on flowers and it is no coincidence. They are bright, fresh, natural and colorful. The triumph of a centerpiece with flowers is to find the variant. Examples find twigs, flowers mixed with fruits soaked in water, plants representing the fall, summer, spring or winter, or in many other cases, being accompanied by candles , rocks, cork or even tucked into a vase.

Often they are so small the centerpieces that are just a detail to comply, while at other times, they create scenarios from seeing from one side to another table, which is only recommended for large dinners, where want to separate the many different conversations that may be on one side or the other.

Also, as said earlier, if the centerpiece is large, even approaching the ceiling, it will draw attention and perhaps the spark that ignites the little chat between people who know each other, but all know the love of home.

Finally before leaving them with the images, highlight that for occasions, is necessary to be inventive, as there is much to create. A clear example is a Halloween decoration, which includes black balloons loaded with hydrogen, to float in the air.

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